Lori Recommends Visi

Why Visi?

Whole-body Vitality—designed by nature, perfected by Vísi

Introducing Probita


Wherever you’re going, Probíta is ready to tag along and help you get there. This delicious, convenient chew is packed with four grams of hydrolyzed collagen protein, the most bio-identical protein source on the market. From skin to joints to muscles, Probíta improves the hardest-working parts of your body so you can focus on what’s most important without your health holding you back. *
Portable Protein Nutrition:
  • Supports healthy joints and skin *
  • Supports lean muscle mass and muscle recovery *
  • Helps encourage more restful sleep *
  • Hydrolyzed collagen protein touts a 95% absorption
  • A convenient low-calorie snack to curb cravings

Also, this is a great business opportunity for you as well as the many health products Visi supplies.

Vísi not only offers the ability to improve your health and lead your best life, but it also can provide a rewarding financial opportunity. When you join Vísi as a Partner, you can earn a residual income, get your products for free, drive the car of your dreams, and even qualify for life-changing cash bonuses. All of this is available to you when you join Vísi.

The Vísi Performance Plan provides is unique and rewarding. It offers several ways to earn income.
Retail Commissions
Vísi Partners can earn income by purchasing Vísi products at wholesale price and then selling them to a customer at retail price.
First Order Bonus
A First Order Bonus of 20% is paid to the Sponsoring Vísi Partner on personal product orders placed by new Vísi Partners or Preferred/Retail Customers at the time of their initial enrollment date.
Enrollment Pack Bonus
An Enrollment Pack Bonus of 20% is paid to the Sponsoring Vísi Partner of a new Vísi Partner who enrolls with any qualifying Enrollment Pack.
Rising Sun Bonus
When a Vísi Partner enrolls a new Partner with a qualifying Enrollment Pack on both their left and right leg in a one-week Period, they will receive a Rising Sun Bonus equal to 50% of the Enrollment Pack Bonus for each new enrollee.
Dual Team Commissions
Dual Team Commissions are the backbone of the Vísi Performance Plan. Partners earn Dual Team Commissions by helping their teams generate commissionable volume (CV) through sales. Dual Team Commissions are calculated using a Partner’s binary tree, which has two lets, a left and a right. Partners are compensated based on successfully building CV within their trees.
Rank Advancement Cash Bonuses
Partners earn Rank Advancement Cash Bonuses by successfully building their Vísi businesses and achieving new ranks within the Vísi Performance Plan. This bonus begins to pay out at the rank of Arctic 5 Star with an award of $500. Payouts increase with rank all the way up to $1,000,000 at our Royal Arctic Diamond rank.