Revelation Part 1


Revelation, Christain’s unchartered territory. I’ve rarely heard anything about Revelation in my church groups. Why? Well I think it’s the one thing that scares. The cross, creation stories, the story of Moses all happened in the past. Now don’t get me wrong those are amazing events thanks to God, but Revelation is the thing that hasn’t happened yet. And no one knows when it will happen. I think that’s what makes us scared.

Another reason is Revelation is horrible. Absolutely horrible! There will be a worldwide earthquake, a third of the sun and moon will be darkened. A meteor will come down and poison the waters and kill a third of all marine life. There will locusts that rage for 5 months. The bible says that people will want to kill themselves because of the pain, but won’t be able to. But the kingdom of God will finally be back…

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