ISIS: Judgment on America

Consider the Lilies

After I told an old friend that gay marriage is communism in disguise, he replied that communism is passé. He considers radical Islam – ISIS – the real threat now. But he’s wrong.

supreme court doma gay marriageI don’t know my friend’s politics, but his reaction is no different from that of the church in America today. For fifty years, she has watched the nation’s steep moral decline and said nothing. Atheism, abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, pornography, and transgenderism are both legally and socially acceptable now. Thanks to communism and corrupt judges, Judeo-Christian morality has been turned on its head. Still, the church has said nothing. But after ISIS sprang up in the Middle East last year and threatened to squash the “civilized” West, only then did pastors sit up and take notice. Only then did they begin to preach rapture and “great tribulation” in their pulpits.

When people consider religious extremism a greater…

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