The compromising church vs the confessing Church.

A Call To The Remnant

confessingchurch-wikimedia-Gregor-HelmsBelow is a helpful article that compares the ” confessing,” church to the ” compromising,” church. In every era in the last 2000 years, men, almost entirely hirelings with ministries to protect, have been the enemies of God’s people who have separated themselves from compromise. Whether it was Novationists or Donotists or Luther or Moravians or anabaptists or a 1000 other groups, God’s remnant people have separated themselves in order to live an uncompromised life. It has brought them ridicule and scorn and they are most often decried as malcontents and trouble-makers, the devil never really changes his language and typically uses the same type of person, the person who loves to fit in, as his spokesperson. It’s a sad kind of jealousy that can lead to utter hatred and violence as we have witnessed down through the ages.

8 clear signs of a comprimsed church

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