Newly Discovered Luciferian Website and Proof it’s Linked to the United Nations and Proof They’re Promoting the Antichrist as Lord? You’re Gonna Love This!

Lisa Haven News


Wow! Shocking new Luciferian website that is linked to not only the United Nations but also promotes the coming of a “christ” (aka: Antichrist). As crazy as it sounds I can prove every word. This mysterious, mischievous newly discovered website has been dubbed the “Lucis Trust” which I believe grabs its name from “Lucifer;” though they refuse to mention on their website how they acquired that name, I do believe after reading its content that this is the meaning. Here is the breaking report….


But just who is the mysterious Alice A. Bailey and why is her name plastered all over this Luciferian Website? What does she have to do with the New World Order, the UN, and the One World Religion? The video below covers this topic in detail and more. This mysterious women is more a part of our culture then I’d like to accept…

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