Jeremiah 10–Is Christmas a pagan holiday?

Full Armor of God

This passage is commonly cited by certain Christians to show that we should not celebrate Christmas. As we’ll see, there is simply no textual basis for this idea.
Jeremiah 10:1-4
“Hear the word that Yahweh speaks to you, O house of Israel. Thus says Yahweh:
‘You must not learn the way
of the nations,
and you must not be
dismayed by the
signs of the
for the nations are dismayed by them.
For the statutes of the
peoples are vanity,
for it is a tree cut down
from the forest,
the work of the hands of
a craftsman with
the tool.
He decorates it with silver
and gold,
they strengthen it with
nails and
hammers, so that it does not stagger.'”
Taking this passage alone at face value might indicate that the cutting down and decorating of a tree is a pagan tradition. Decorating it with silver and gold…

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