are we ready? part 2


We like to be ready. Prepared. And life keeps presenting us with challenges to our sense of readiness, preparedness.

parable of bridesmaids2

Jesus tells a story about bridesmaids who knew something about readiness and unreadiness. They, according to the high standards of Near Eastern hospitality, particularly that of ancient wedding custom, await the arrival of the groom so to escort the couple to their new home. Not knowing the precise hour of his arrival, their lamps burn. At last, he arrives. The bridesmaids, aroused from slumber, prepare to greet him. It is midnight, requiring lamplight. Five have sufficient oil. Their lamps burn brightly. Five lack oil. Their lamps burning barely. They turn to the first. They speak. I wonder, in what voice. Plaintive, pleading in implicit, honest acknowledgement of their failing: “Give us some of your oil”? Or with entitled demand, being a desperate cover, a denial, really, of their personal responsibility: “Give…

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